Rumor Patrol: Has The Magazine Closed?

Rumor Patrol: Has The Magazine Closed?

Sep 26, 2008

AT:SF readers have been writing in to ask what's happening with Berkeley-based modern furniture store The Magazine.

We feel particularly bad for Jane, who wrote:
I broke the piggy bank to buy something from the store I love, The Magazine. I have not purchased from them before (I normally do used, or cheap "vintage used" ) but splurged for this table purchase. I went to the The Magazine store last Saturday to see how the order was coming along...

...I paid 75% of price of table upfront. No one in store. No signage. Voicemail full. Next door neighbors told me that Brian Ogan went out of business and just "disappeared". I was stunned. I just talked to Brian, the owner, one week ago. He advised me to buy some chairs from him (I was not going to... table was the splurge) and he was sooo nice and all...

We didn't want to blog it until we found something out, but no one we've talked to seems to know anything. There's another person on Yelp complaining about a similar situation.

AT readers, anyone have the real scoop?

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