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New York, NY
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
Our apartment was gut renovated and redesigned by The New Design Project. Although it was done professionally, this project was executed on a challenging budget, with no single fixture or piece of furnishing (apart from the kitchen cabinets) costing more than $500. I love how they injected bags of personality into the space by mixing fun little details (colored mosaic cement tiles, quirky art compositions...) with architectural features (exposed brick wall, metal structures) and incorporating repurposed objects (cinder blocks used as a bedside table, a reclaimed oak window transformed into a coffee table). They were also really effective at inexpensively elevating the much needed storage options for the space (an ikat upholstered IKEA dresser, decorative ladder turned into an extra hanging space).
Three of My Best Tips and Tricks for Creating a Successful Small Space::
1: Get the look right - although function remains the priority, never compromise on the look. In a small space everything is on display from everywhere. So make sure you like what you see!
2: Cleanse - going through your belongings is a necessary process to fit all your stuff into a tight space. It's easier than you think and can actually be very therapeutic!
3: Storage everywhere - The New Design Project came up with a number of creative, cost-effective storage solutions:
- Choosing small kitchen appliances to maximize cabinet space.
- Using a bed frame rather than a solid bed base. It works out to be cheaper and meant we could use the entire footprint under the bed as storage. Adding a bed skirt made for an overall more tailored look.
- Adding cabinets above the bathroom door provided extra storage.
- Using high street storage solutions to maximize the full depth and height of the closet space.
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