Rust-Oleum Cabinet Refinishing Kit

Rust-Oleum Cabinet Refinishing Kit

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 9, 2016

Here's a find and a tip combined: if you want to renew your old kitchen or bath cabinets, this DIY kit will do it. I saw a completed example in a rental a year ago and the kitchen cabinets had gone from gross to looking brand new. The outsides looked really fantastic. As one of the reviewers says on the Amazon page: "Manage your expectations and prepare for a lot of work, and you will be pleasantly surprised."

While not a short-cut in terms of time, this will save you a ton of money and turn out really well. The kits come in a number of different finishes, works on wood, veneer and metal and reviewers say that a little goes a long way. Here's the link to the Rust-Oleum page: Cabinet Refinishing Kit

Please tell me your experiences below.

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