Rustic Hip Teen Bedroom at
The Pioneer Woman's Ranch

Rustic Hip Teen Bedroom at
The Pioneer Woman's Ranch

New York designers Bob and Cortney Novogratz are back with a second season of their HGTV makeover show, Home By Novogratz. On Saturday's premiere, they headed to Oklahoma to create a shared bedroom for the teen daughters of Ree Drummond, a.k.a. The Pioneer Woman.

Remember the sneak peek we showed you back in November? The result was an unexpected melange of ranch rustic, Manhattan hip, and homeschool functional. And by "unexpected melange" I mean "I totally would want that room if I was a teenager".

The room itself, although quite large, was certainly a challenging space to deal with. Ree calls it "the long room", and indeed it's a narrow attic space complete with a funky sloped ceiling. But as soon as Bob uttered the words "hanging beds", the design gears were turning.

More about the beds in a minute, but let's back up and talk about the flooring. The Drummond girls asked for girly, and Cortney responded with blue striped carpet tiles. What? But it worked! Like pairing blue jeans with a pretty top and strappy heels, the blue floor created a perfect foundation to build on, and the stripes broke up the rectangularity of the long room.

So back to those beds. Holy cow! What kid wouldn't love those? The Novos had a local craftsman build them with rustic wood and iron, and I know what you're thinking. A kid would launch those through the wall like wrecking balls. Maybe some kids would, but you can tell right away that Ree's daughters are Southern young ladies. I mean, come on, they knit! And they herd cattle!

Another risky design choice that worked was the desk. Bob and Cortney had it made (locally!) to span the length of the long wall, which seems like it would just accentuate the whole long room problem, but that desk functions. It's an expansive teenage girl headquarters for reading, writing, knitting, and brooding, and yet it doesn't feel like it takes up much room.

The Pioneer Woman gave the Novogratzs a taste of Oklahoma with simmering peaches and cattle herding, and, in return, the Novos gave the Drummond girls a taste of New York City with spray paint. Are Alex and Paige leaving pink tags all over Pawhuska, Oklahoma? I don't know, but I do know that this room captures what it's like to be a teenage girl. It says "I can conquer the world, but I'm going to take my stuffed animals with me". There's nothing stereotypically girly or faux country about it. Instead it blends rustic with feminine with edgy. And that's really nice for two young, modern cowgirls.

(Images: Shane Bevel)

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