Rosemary Hallgarten: Designer

Rosemary Hallgarten: Designer

Mar 21, 2007

Tread softly. Rosemary Hallgarten is a local jeweler and textile artist who is now designing high-end rugs, throws, and pillows. She brings a craftsperson's attention to detail and a belief in the beauty and value of sustainable materials to the rug trade, successfully marrying a contemporary aesthetic to the artisanal processes of traditional craftspeople in Peru and Tibet. The result is a family of seven gorgeous rug collections made from alpaca, silk, and wool, along with coordinating throw and pillows.

Cush is the name of the game here. These are thick, plush rugs in a variety of textures from plush to shag that feel luxurious underfoot. The designs evidence a love of rustic botanicals, bold graphics and rich, warm color.

An exception is Hallgarten's cruelty-free zebra rug, made from an alpaca/wool blend. A great option if you like the look of an animal skin on the floor but not the kill part. Most fakes are tacky; this one's probably nicer than the real thing.

Twig showcases Hallgarten's delicate, abstract way with botanical motifs.

The rug pillow series brings the nubby 3-D textures to the sofa, where they can be enjoyed by body parts other than feet.

Embroidered pillows borrow motifs from the rug collections. All designs, including these, come in standard and custom colors.

Hallgarten's rugs can be viewed, pawed, and purchased at the De Sousa Hughes showroom.

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