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London UK
Inspiration for my palette:
This green is my perfect green. It's light, elegant and -unlike many sage tones - it feels like a really sociable color. Our living room is very eclectic and evolving all the time. It is filled with objects that have a history or a story and I find this light and social palette the perfect background. It is not an intrusive color so I am able to put brightly colored pieces in it without assaulting the eyes to distraction. Its equally mellow ambiance is a perfect background for tired and worn vintage pieces.
Colors used in my room:
I used a color that lies in the hinterland between blue and green. By day it is green and by night it is nearly blue - Farrow & Balls Teresa's Green.
Tips for using color successfully:
I am like a child in a sweet shop with color and find narrowing my choices down the most painstaking part. I have been known to drive myself to distraction with color choice. If you are a color magpie, like I am, I recommend painting 4 or 5 tester shades in different parts of the room where the light falls differently and living with them for at least a month. The color that makes you feel happy or inspired most instinctively is the color you should then choose.
Sociable Green