Sacha & Iris' Playful Sleep Space

Sacha & Iris' Playful Sleep Space

Names: Sacha (4) and Iris (2)
Location: Paris, France
Room Size: 15 square meters

High above the rooftops of Paris, Janette and Laurent created a colorful oasis where their two little children can dream. Ballerinas, garden gnomes, sleepy owls, and "very hungry caterpillars" form a magical mix that's just right for young imaginations to grow.

Vibrant patterns from Janette's own girlhood mix with adorable prints from the Paris shop Petit Pan against a backdrop of pure white. On the surface, the room feels festive. But spend a bit of time among its crowd of characters – all neatly tucked away in plush piles or the tiny cubbies of an antique treasure box, and you'll soon get carried away on an international adventure.

Paper balloons from Japan dangle from the ceiling; a butterfly from Mexico flutters around on the wall; and a pirate ship poised on the window sill of their 1960s highrise looks ready to embark on an epic voyage through the clouds. When Sacha and Iris snuggle up beneath their rainbow-hued quilts each night, there's no telling where their sweet dreams will take them. 

How would you describe the look and feel of this room?

Cozy, calm, colorful, and fun.

What is your favorite piece or element?

The mix of plain white walls and colorful textiles. Since I was a teenager I've always loved the combination of plain white walls & lots of decorative details in color and different materials and textures. I'm a big fan of Petit Pan's textiles so we have a mix of different cushions and the curtains come from them. Also, there is a framed pencil drawing of my son when he was a few days old done by a friend that I really cherish.

What was the biggest challenge decorating this room?

Making it child friendly.

What do your friends say about the room?

That they want to spend time in there looking at all the little details. They are also surprised that it isn't full of toys. We made a choice to make a real play area in the living room and to keep the bedroom as a calm space.

Do you have any advice for parents creating a room for their child?

Create a space that kids can relax and feel safe.

If money were no object, what's your dream source?

Merci, Smallable, Serendipity.

There's a lovely collection of French feves – the little charms you find in the "Galette du Roi" around the holiday season. Can you tell us about it? 

I love the idea of creating curiosity cabinets or little collections of interesting things. I really wanted the kid's room to be comfortable, bright and full of little things to inspire them. The letterpress tray is one I found in the street in London. Half of it is filled with Laurent's collection of feves from when he was a kid. I love the plain white ones made of biscuit ceramic but the painted ones are great too. We're adding to the collection every January!

Lots of the other things in the tray I've had since I was a kid. I had a similar tray hanging on the wall of my bedroom when I was a little girl with many of the things that are displayed there now. There is a strange ceramic rabbit with a very human looking face that was made by my great uncle Zemel. In fact he gave me lots of the little things that are in the tray.  There is a little painted mushroom with charms hanging off it and a tiny set of tea things in silver. He lived in Los Angeles where he had junk shop in West Hollywood. He used to bring us all kinds of wonderful things when he came to visit when I was a kid.

What about the wonderful collection hanging on the wall above the white dresser? What can we find there?

I hung a left over roll of wallpaper that was the wallpaper in my first bedroom when I was a baby. It's a Sanderson "Oranges and Lemons" print from the 1970's. I remember it so vividly so I wanted my kids to enjoy it too. The paper heart was given to me on my birthday by a friend whose husband designs textiles and it's one of his prints. There is a fabric garland of peas, plums, and acorns that we bought in Takayama in Japan. The painted metal clock is one of a limited edition by Tsé Tsé. The Indian garland was a gift from a friend. The painted metal butterflies are ones that Laurent bought on a trip to Mexico. The little cotton sleeveless top was a gift that a friend brought back from India for Iris and it's hanging on a fabric hanger that I used as a kid.

Source List:

  • Throw pillows - A mix of Petit Pan, thrift stores, gift from a market in Uzbekistan

  • Beds - La Redoute

  • Bed spreads - Knitted is from Camden Market, London & Patchwork is from Ebay

  • Picture frames - IKEA & art stores

  • Shelves - Castorama

  • Curtains - Petit Pan

  • White bureau - La Redoute

  • White tall cabinet - IKEA

  • Wooden shelving unit - IKEA

  • Rug - Morocco

  • Mobiles - Flower one is Petit Pan, other one is homemade from paper balloons we bought in Japan

Thanks, Janette, Laurent, Sacha, and Iris!

(Images: Celeste Sunderland)


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