Safe Landing: Recycled 747 Wing House

Safe Landing: Recycled 747 Wing House

Jason Loper
Sep 27, 2011

Warning: if you have a deep-seated fear of plane crashes, the sight of this house may unnerve you. For the rest of us, check out this amazing Malibu home made from the wings (and other pieces) of a decommissioned 747…

That's right - the roof of this house is made of the wings of an airplane. And if you think I'm kidding about nightmares of plane crashes, the architects had to register the house with the Federal Aviation Authority lest pilots report a downed plane!

The house was designed by Studio of Environmental Architecture, who have this to say about the concept:

The scale of a 747 aircraft is enormous - over 230 feet long, 195 feet wide and 63 feet tall with over 17,000 cubic feet of cargo area alone and represents a tremendous amount of material for a very economical price of less than $50,000 dollars. In researching aircrafts we began to realize that there are hundreds of airplanes that have been retired to sit in the deserts of California and are sold at the price of their principal raw material, aluminum. As we analyzed the cost, it seemed to make more sense to acquire an entire airplane and to use as many of the components as possible, like the Native American Indians used every part of the buffalo. Therefore, the property is to consist of several structures all made with components and pieces of a Boeing 747-200 aircraft.

Check out more details, see more pics, and read more of the architect's inspiration for this project &madh; Dezeen Magazine: 747 Wing House by Studio of Environmental Architecture.

Images: Dezeen Magazine

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