SafeRoadMaps Helps Ensure a Safe Escape

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It's Escapes Month here across all the Apartment Therapy sites, and hopefully you've already taken a vacation or plan to take one in the near future. With the weak dollar, many of us are looking to hit the road for our vacations, rather than fly abroad. That means packed highways and busy streets. Why not scope out your route for accident incidents by detail with this new online service called SafeRoadMaps...

SafeRoadMaps offers information from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System via a Google Maps mashup. The Geographic Information System system displays traffic safety statistics of specific streets you input, listing traffic fatalities in that specified location (a range can be inputted for a larger perimeter), speeding/drinking incidents, and even the ages and sex of involved parties so you can knowingly avoid certain intersections (or possibly verify what you always suspected about that sketchy corner in your own neighborhood).