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This week we've been focusing on kitchens of all shapes, sizes, and levels of function here at Apartment Therapy. Maybe you're juggling a busy kitchen and busy kids and could use a couple sturdy tumblers that can take the rough and tumble life, or you're more of a the-kitchen-is-just-for-look-I'll-just-have-takeout-and-a-glass-of-wine type and are hoping to welcome some beautiful new goblets into your life. Here's a look at gorgeous glassware on sale now to suit whatever kitchen and lifestyle you have at home.

(Image credit: Canvas)
  • Soto Straight Stemmed Goblet at Canvas. Was $10.00, now $5.00
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  • Capri Martini Glasses at Uncommon Goods. Were $135.00, now $99.99 for set of six glasses
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  • Sukat Makkaralla (Socks Rolled Down) Tumblers at Marimekko. Were $39.00, now $23.40 for set of two glasses
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  • Double Wall Mug in Green at Canvas. Was $12.00, now $3.50 (I gave these to my mother for Christmas and they were a huge hit!)
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  • Smooth Smoke Barware at CB2. Was $4.50 for 18 oz. and $3.95 for 12 oz. glass, now $1.99 each
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  • Ludlow Drinkware in Blue by Kenneth Cole Home at Bed Bath & Beyond. Was $24.99, now $11.99 for 4-piece set
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  • Recycled Wine Glassware in Amber at West Elm.
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  • Library Double Old-Fashioned, Set of 6 at Pottery Barn. Was $72.00, now $57.50