Salling Clicker

Salling Clicker

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 19, 2007

Expect more from your smartphone?

While some are happy being able to surf the web, listen to music and check email from their mobile phone, Salling Clicker adds to this typical functionality by turning your mobile into a remote control for your Mac or PC.

Connecting via Bluetooth or Wifi, Salling Clicker allows you to contol your iTunes library from your mobile phone. Upon pairing with your computer, what you are see on your handheld is a mini iTunes interface of sorts.

This includes the currently playing song and album art as well as the ability to browse the library and select upcoming tracks to play, something that could only previously be done while sitting in front of the monitor. Also, since the software is running on your phone, receiving a call will instantly pause your music and ending the call will bring it right back.

As long as you have a decent set of speakers attached to the computer housing your music collection, mingling and dj'ing at your next party can be a seamless experience.

Available for $23.95 (including free upgrades)


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