Salvaged Material Prefabs by Reclaimed Space

Salvaged Material Prefabs by Reclaimed Space

Trent Johnson
Sep 21, 2011

Prefab company Reclaimed Space, spotted before at Dwell, use quality craftsmanship to transform reclaimed building materials into standard line prefabs.

Reclaimed Space began in 2007 as a special project for Austin-based DIRTCO Construction. DIRTCO founder, rancher and environmentalist Tracen Gardner began constructing portable buildings using primarily reclaimed material, and eventually turned the project into Reclaimed Space.

Reclaimed Space harvests old wood from old barnwood, shiplap, hardwood, as well as other deconstructed materials from old buildings like corrugated metal and reclaimed fixtures. All of the materials are carefully extracted from old homes. Each home is unique, yet built on the same principles of simplicity, functionality and reuse.

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(Images: Reclaimed Space)

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