Salvor Fauna Balsa Pictures by Ross Menuez

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Certain visual icons stay with us, like the one up top of an orca struggling through the water...or is it the radio waves of modern society? We first saw this image on a card and only recently tracked down its origin...

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We were in Acorn in Brooklyn, where we saw this image hanging on the wall - apparently being sold as artwork. On inquiring we discovered that it was a screen print on balsa wood and was the handiwork of Ross Menuez, the designer behind Salvor, a SoHo based company that makes bags, t-shirts, pillows and all sorts of trendy stuff through Areaware.

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While we respect the pillows and stuff, it's the artwork that draws us in.

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A sort of side project, these screen prints run about $350, come in limited editions of @ 300 and are printed on light balsa pieces that allow each one to roll up and fit into a tube. There are a number of images, some of which are here, and they seem to be testing grounds for the images he takes to clothing and pillows, etc.

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If you dig a little deeper, there is an interesting group of connections swirling around Ross Menuez (I urge you to click away). Here are some of the places that he is linked to:

>> Kiosk
>> AreaWare
>> SalvorProjects
>> Design Public
>> CoolHunting

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