One Color, Two Finishes: Gloss/Matte Stripes

If you like painted stripes on walls, but are looking for a subtle combo, consider using the exact same color but contrasting finishes. A semigloss and matte stripe gives you texture without the high color contrast. Here are a couple of examples:

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This bedroom's walls are a soft green color painted in extremely wide stripes. We're not sure where this room is originally from, but we found it through a website called AV Forums.

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This dining room uses one brown color but two different finishes: flat and satin. Read a full how-to at The Painted Surface

We think this gloss/matte technique could look great in other patterns, too. Perhaps a lacy white gloss over a ground of white matte? What do you think - are contrasting finishes any more paletable than contrasting colors?

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