#4 - Sam's Chocolate Crash Pad

#4 - Sam's Chocolate Crash Pad

Carrie McBride
Oct 18, 2007

Name: Sam, 4-months-old
Location: Brooklyn, NY

Why I chose these colors for the nursery:
Before this room was a nursery, it was a very dark, chocolate brown office. We loved it, the walls seemed to recede but the room had a relaxing, enveloping feeling. When we realized the room would have a new purpose and occupant we decided to keep the wall color. We loved the idea of a creating high contrast space that would be enjoyable for our son to discover as his eyesight developed. It has been amazing to watch him be absorbed by more of his environment each week.

We also wanted the deep brown wall color as a neutral backdrop to harmonize all of the bright, happy (occasionally garish) colors found in most baby stuff today. Our palette developed further after falling in love with the print fabric I ended up using to make his bedding. We pulled the teal and green accent colors from this print and contrasted them with bits of orange to add a little spark. We hoped we could create a pleasant, restorative space without using a "babyish" pastel palette and are very happy with the result.

Two Good Color Tips:
Look around. Look at fabric print color combinations, photographs, paintings: anything that uses colors together in a way that you like.

Repeat an accent color in as many places and textures as possible. Don't be too rigid about making an exact color match, more tones of the same color add depth.

Color(s) and brand(s) of paint used in the room:
Wall color: Cliveden Virginia Soil, eggshell finish by Valspar at Lowe's
Trim color: Simply White by Benjamin Moore

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