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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
We all know the frustration of having too many widgets and not enough of that prime desktop real estate. Some simply upgrade a few inches, while many techies will expand to two monitors, even three, to solve this new-age dilemma. We’ve all seen the many different variations on syncing monitors together. They range from the completely hideous piled-up beige boxes to the fairly chic side-by-side LCD. But nothing has ever looked quite like this before…

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Simplifying dual screens, Samsung answers with this, the award-winning 2263DX dual multimedia LCD display. A 7” companion monitor attaches to a 22” screen with a pivoting arm that allows it to be moved around the sides and top of the main screen.

It’s great for hard-core Photoshoppers, who can use the extra space to hold their toolbars while the entire 22” screen dedicates itself to artwork, but we could all use a little extra space for our IMs. And now, it’s never looked so good.

Images: Samsung

- Taryn