Sandra & Justin's Kitchen:
Everything Must Go

Renovation Diary

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Emptying the last dishes from the dishwasher before we remove it and the accompanying sink.

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Name: Sandra & Justin
Type of Project: Kitchen remodel
Location: Arlington, Texas
Type of building: Single-family home, 2,450 square feet

The Renovation Diaries are a new collaboration with our community in which we feature your step by step renovation progress and provide monetary support towards getting it done in style. See all of our Reno Diaries here.

This week was all about demolition. In addition to continuing work on the kitchen, our car got crunched while we were at the cabinetry shop signing off on the final designs. Lovely. Things went better in the kitchen, where the damage was planned and welcome. 

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Backside of the dishwasher and sink, about to come out.

We are doing most of the demolition ourselves. Doing the demolition is hard work, but gratifying, since we are ripping out, dismantling and destroying everything we've hated in the kitchen. It isn't doesn't require too much precision and skill — which is what we'll need later as we move on to harder projects. We finished removing soffits and the room get much, much brighter — a promise of good things ahead, but it also revealed a water leak from the upstairs bathroom we will have to address. Oh joy.

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Pulling the soffit down.

We moved ourselves completely out of the kitchen said sayonara to the stove and sink. It feels like it might be a really, really long time until I get their replacements, but it will all be worth it in two months, I hope. We also cut the cabinetry off from around the oven (we are waiting for the plumber to come and remove it safely, but still want all the cabinetry out). 

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Cutting out the cabinet to free the oven, to wait for the plumber to remove it.

Other activities this week included shopping for flooring. Justin and I are fond of cork and bamboo. They're attractive and sustainable, but it is hard to find a lot of affordable options close to home. And flooring is just one of those things I want to see in person before I commit to a whole room's worth.

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(Images and diary text: Sandra Jergensen)