Sandstone Tiles at Alchemy Collections

Sandstone Tiles at Alchemy Collections

For the homeowners out there, or renters with very permissive landlords, Alchemy Collections in Seattle's Belltown area offers these custom, but not astronomically priced, quartz sandstone tiles.

With no less than 14 designs to choose from, the custom aspect comes into play with installation and sizing. The tiles can also be waterproofed for use in the bathroom.

We don't know if renting makes it easier or more difficult to get excited about tile. On the one hand, our landlord would never allow it, so why bother looking? One the other hand, it's forbidden fruit, so we find ourselves intrigued by the possibility of adding a textural dimension to our walls.

The 10" x 16" tiles range in price from $20-$30 each, here.

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