Long time Apartment Therapy readers and indie music lovers may recognize Sara Lov's name. We house toured her 500 sq. ft. Los Feliz apartment back in 2009, a space filled with a laid back California vintage charm. She's back on our radar with an impressive DIY project solving a common hurdle for anyone trying to create a beautiful and harmonious home office: where to hide the darn printer!

From Sara's Lov Your Space Blog:

I wanted a piece to keep and hide my printer, paper & scanner. Something that would look clean and good when closed. Since moving into my studio space, I no longer needed a home office, so I took apart the desk I'd made at home and used the beautiful zebra wood top to build this instead. I made a couple shelves with some of the remnants too and if you read the last post well, then you know how that went...
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Because she ran out of zebra wood, Sara added some birch plywood on the back and bottom of the console, drilling a 1.5" hole through the back panel for her printer power cable, with a flip up lid top allows for easy access when she needs to access the wi-fi printer. The final touch? Pink spray painted table legs! Sara also mentions she DIY'ed a complementary pair of a desk and work table, with future posts about this projects coming up, which now we eagerly await.