Sarah and Lou's Dream Rental

A House in the Hills

What's better than a dream house in Palm Springs? A dream house that you can rent! Located in Palm Springs, California, right in the heart of the desert, this bright, white, happy little space will be available to visit starting in July.

The home was designed by Sarah Yates and her husband, Lou Mora, who created this space to be their permanent home with their two dogs, Ruca and Eleanor. However, the couple recently felt the pull back toward the coast, and they will be moving back to San Diego, but are keeping the house as a vacation rental.

Both photographers, Sarah and Lou have created gorgeous little vignettes all over the home, including a cozy eating area with copper pendant lamp and bookshelves adorned with beautiful curiosities. If I had the chance to vacation here, however, you would most likely find me curled up in that hanging chair with a book!

If you'd like to see more photos of the space, or find out when you can have your turn in that hanging chair, click over to Sarah's blog at A House In the Hills. Or, follow the house on Instagram!

(Image credits: Sarah Yates and Lou Mora; Sarah Yates and Lou Mora of A House in the Hills)