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Brooklyn, NY
Inspiration for my palette:
My husband and I have been married for just under 2 years and we've been working on updating our apartment for about as long. When selecting colors for the bedroom, we first had to agree. We liked the cool, yet tropical feel of this green and that it fit with one of my favorite pieces of artwork. We built everything else around that, using gray and white as accents, but keeping the existing dark wood furniture we already had. We originally hung the Rhino piece above the bed, but later moved it to the base so we could actually see it and put framed Instagram prints from our travels to Europe and South America in the 4x4 white frames above the bed. There was originally a headboard that we removed that made all the difference, immediately making our small bedroom seem more modern and spacious.
Colors used in my room:
Caribbean Green (Benjamin Moore's Cayman Lagoon)
Pewter & White
Bright Yellow
Espresso Brown
Tips for using color successfully:
Chose a color you love and work everything else around it. Don't be afraid to take risks! As with everything else in life, it's almost always worth it.
Caribbean Green/Pewter/White/Yellow