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Melrose, MA
Inspiration for my palette:
We have lots of bright wall and textile colors throughout the rest of our house, but when we renovated our kitchen this spring, we opted for a clean, neutral backdrop to showcase one pop of vibrant color. We centered the entire room around a lime green Viking range and hood that evokes thoughts of nature and fresh produce. We incorporated various shades of green in other accessories but kept the rest of the room white and light gray, with some additional pops of color in our kids' gallery wall of art.
Colors used in my room:
White, gray, and various shades of lime green
Tips for using color successfully:
While saturated color can look great in a room, sometimes a white backdrop is the best way to showcase an interesting color that might otherwise be excessive as a wall color. For instance, a classic white dinner plate can make food stand out and look like art in its own right. So, we took the same tactic with our entire kitchen.
Fresh Produce
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