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Cooperstown, NY
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
Everything! Our bedroom is the most comforting space that I have ever had in any home, but our kitchen is beautiful, easy to cook in and to be in, and has the bonus of being the largest open space in our home. With glossy floors and the lights turned down and the music turned up, our kitchen doubles as a dance floor where we love to slow dance or tear it up, whatever the mood! I'll take that over a kitchen island any day. The collection of my son's beautiful watercolors that hang in the living room was painted when he was three and four years old, they are so marvelous and set the tone the decor. I personally designed and chose every finish and fixture in this gut-renovation, overseeing the contractor and wielding a hammer or trowel every day for 5 months. Love built this house and I wouldn't trade this little Sears kit house (redux) for anything.
Biggest Challenge of Living in a Small Space:
For me the biggest challenge in our small but very open space was creating a cohesive decor that is pleasing from anywhere, because every room can be seen from nearly anywhere. I kept the colors light above the floor, the walls and furnishings white, and the textures dramatic on the floors with the cowhides and flokati against the gorgeous koa floors. The artwork and photo collections are colorful, which makes the whole house feel happy and bright. I repeated motifs without making it feel themed. Our windows are dramatic and there is a view from all twenty two, so I did not use window treatments anywhere except in the bedroom. The house feels big and bright, with the gardens visible from every space.