Put Safety First: 14 Universal Design Tips

Put Safety First: 14 Universal Design Tips

Sarah Han
Aug 14, 2008

Most of us take it for granted that we can reach the sinks in our kitchen and bathrooms, get through doorways, and climb in and out of bathtubs in our homes, but for those who are disabled and/or elderly, these everyday activities in the home aren't always so easy. And while we may be able bodied today, it's always important to keep the future in consideration. This Old House has compiled a list of 14 universal design tips to make living in your home safer, easier, and more comfortable.

The tips take wheelchair users and other people with limited mobility into consideration, but all of these suggestions -- including setting up automated lighting systems, creating work areas in kitchens, and installing non-slip flooring -- are useful for people of all abilities.

Read the article here. And learn more about universal design here.

Images: Top: Ray Kachatorian, Michael Jensen, Diamond Cabinets; Bottom: Michael Luppino

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