Sarah's Textile-Filled Chicago Apartment

House Call

Name: Sarah
Location: Ukrainian Village — Chicago, Illinois

My apartment is an 800 square foot coach house in Ukranian Village. It took a lot of scrubbing and painting to bring it up to my standards, but was worth it for the location. I went from a studio to a 1.5 bedroom and was able to furnish it pretty quickly with the help of my mom, auctions and Craigslist. The living room is the best looking, but I spend most of my time in the large kitchen and cozy bedroom. I am a product designer for Eastern Accents, which was featured in a factory tour.

The kuba cloth looking chairs in my living room were my first upholstery investment and I know I will always love them. What inspires me working in the home furnishings industry is not always apartment sized, but I think everything in this room is proportional. I could also go crazy having 1,000 pillows and covering everything with fabric, but I think I've used some restraint. I've always wanted a Mexican wedding blanket pillow, but I can't bring myself to buy retail when I can make them. I got inspired one day and made a look alike with some sequin fabric and brush fringe. There is also nothing more "me" than my framed images of animals in front of wallpaper from the book Animal House by Catherine Ledner. I cut them out of the book, but it's worth it because now I see them everyday.

I've always wanted to paint a room dark and I think it works here in the bedroom. I made the wall hanging behind the bed because tassels are the modern day dream catcher. It took me a while to decide what I wanted to do over the bed. I wanted something large, but the bed isn't centered so I didn't want to draw attention to that. I framed those shadow puppet cards and hung them stacked which I think is an interesting composition for the wall. Without having invested in many large pieces one can struggle with having too many "littles" but I think this does it in an intentional way. Bed pillows get switched out fairly often, but since I've had custom drapery made I need to stick with things that go with that, new challenge! The matelasse is a custom design I had developed for my job, that after working on, I wasn't sick of enough to not bring home. The dresser and cabinet are probably the nicest things I own, they were my grandparents and will always be with me.

My kitchen is where I spend most of my time, it's big and I can fit a whole bolt of fabric across my table! I love lots of different styles of interiors and being thrifty and buying used lends itself to changing things up more frequently. When I move I kind of see what I have for the space and go with it. If I had to call my kitchen something it would be Old World Farmhouse, but in a another place I might go in a completely different direction.

Thanks, Sarah!

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(Image credits: Photos by James Bernal)