Sara's "Happy & Bright" Room

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Raleigh, NC
Inspiration for my palette:
I couldn't decide on a color palette so I basically just chose everything. My apartment was a blank industrial slate when I moved in + it's my first place without roommates, so I really wanted to infuse me into everything! Which meant bright colors, bright accents, and lots of fun meaningful things. I love it! And it's still a work in progress...
Colors used in my room
Pink, teal, yellow, orange, black + white, grey,
Tips for using color successfully
Follow your heart! There are lots of rules, but I usually will go with whatever makes me happy...which sometimes is not the same as "good design." I've tried to stick with yellow + pink + teal and balance things out with black + white + grey. Plus the icky industrial carpet + loft white walls keep things from getting too crazy...
Happy & Bright

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