Satchel and Eero's Beautiful And Budget-y Boys Room

Satchel and Eero's Beautiful And Budget-y Boys Room

Jackie Boucher
Feb 3, 2012

Name: Satchel (3 years) and Eero (10 months)
Location: Palo Alto CA
Room Size: 10' x 12'

Have you ever seen an outfit and thought to yourself, "Hey, I want to turn that look into a room?" Well, Whitney and her husband Kevin did just that. They found themselves taking risks with patterns, textures, and color that they may not have done otherwise. What's really admirable about their work, though, besides the obvious kid-cool factor, is that they put this room together almost without buying anything new or at full-price.

What was your inspiration for the room?
I was inspired by a fall Crewcuts catalog. The little boys and girls were wearing a mis-match of texture and color. I remember a blue gingham shirt, camel colored pants, colorful nike's, a cute moss green velvet coat and an orange scarf, headband and striped socks.

What words would you use to describe the room?
A classic-modern twist.

What is your favorite element in the room?
The bed in the bay window.

How is the room similar or different from the rest of the house?
The rooms all have a similar style and have a lot of DIY projects too. Embarrassingly enough, it is probably the best designed room in the whole house because we put all our energy and money into it!

Before starting, what did you know you wanted to include, for sure?
The beautiful crib my husband made and I knew I had to have some green velvet curtains. I really had to sell my husband with that one, he did not see my vision!

Were there any surprises? Good or bad?
When we moved into our new apartment the furniture was set up to have one room the master and the other the kids' room. We had a lot of furniture we needed to fit into a small room so it wasn't until we were more open-minded about rules that we switched the rooms and the space plan seem to work much better. The crib slid right into the window pocket.

What was your proudest DIY?
The crib and the dresser.

What was your biggest indulgence?
The crib and the dresser.

Any advice for other people starting this process?
Always start with a space plan first. Make a list of what you have and what you need. Then move on to your inspiration for the project.

If money was no object, what would your dream source be?
ABC HOME in New York. It has everything.

Source List:
• Toddler bed: Craigslist
• Dresser: made by my husband Kevin
• Art above dresser: IKEA's map of Manhattan
• Laundry basket: IKEA
• Crib: made by my husband Kevin
• Sheep mobile: Giggle
• Green drapes: super clearance at Pottery Barn (We cut apart, re-sewed, steamed and took the hems out)
• Baby blanket on chair: Dwell for Target but bought at a Goodwill for $2 in NYC
• Pillow on chair: on sale at Anthropologie
• Chair: free on Craigslist. Kevin painted with white lacquer and reupholstered in IKEA fabric, $4 (we were going to sell it to make a profit but it works for the bedroom right now)
• Frames of Satchel: IKEA
• Basket for books: found on roadside
• Lamp: Home Goods (spray painted with white lacquer)
• Elephant: moMa store
• Kitchen set: Craigslist
• Rug: carpet remnant, $60
• Side table: IKEA, $8. The IKEA things are the only things we bought for full price!
• Mirror: we bought it from IKEA for our first apartment but spray painted it with orange lacquer
• Flags: found at the flea market, $2 each
• Ladder: found on the side of the road in a trash pile with a bunk bed
• Boxing gloves: vintage from the flea market, $10
• Bed: made by my husband Kevin

Thank Whitney! Readers, you can learn about Whitney and Kevin's design services and learn more about the making of that fabulous bed at MATCH.

(Images: Whitney Bills)


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