Savings Tip: Have a Buy-Nothing Week

Savings Tip: Have a Buy-Nothing Week

Sarah Coffey
Mar 27, 2009

If you're low on cash, it can be difficult to find anything extra for savings. One way to create more money is to spend as little as possible, but changing long-term spending habits is very hard. (We're still working on it in our home.)

Setting small, manageable goals can help. We heard a great tip the other day that we're planning on trying. Designate one week in which you buy nothing except for absolute essentials like medication, food, and transportation...

It's a tough proposition, but it will only last for a week. Depending on how much you spend on entertainment and extras, you might end up saving a significant amount. If you find that the buy-nothing week isn't as hard as you thought, extend it to a month and keep funneling those savings into your account.

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