Savon de Marseilles

Maxwell’s Daily Find 03.09.12

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Savon de Marseilles

• $12
Brook Farm General Store

With the warm weather coming on, I've been thinking about spring cleaning and the feeling of fresh, earthy ingredients next to my skin - a clean start for the year. Savon de Marseilles speaks to me in this way, and I've always loved it's raw, rough hewn and simple presence when I run into it in a bathroom. Good for washing faces as well as toes; good for children playing in the tub as well as beautiful women showering up in the morning; I recommend it for a little bathroom reboot.

"Savon de Marseille has been made the same way for over eight hundred years. There are only a few savonneries remaining that still make their soap in this traditional manner. The mixture of pure olive and vegetable oils, alkaline ash from sea plants and Mediterranean seawater must be heated for ten days before being cut into cubes and stamped, and then set out to dry in the sun and wind."

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