You've finally finished sorting your stuff. Your unneeded things have been donated, everything else is in piles, and you're ready to organize. If you're bored with the options at big box stores or you'd rather not shell out the money, try making your own storage boxes instead.

  1. Organize your office and make this chic box from the always-stylish Design and Form.
  2. That stack of Amazon boxes in the corner? Upholster them and they'll look like finds from a local boutique. DIY from Decor 4 All.
  3. If you're sick of untangling ribbons every time you wrap a gift, then find an old shoe box and organize them. From Honestly WTF.
  4. Follow Annika Backstrom's lead and organize your craft supplies in lovely, hand-painted boxes.
  5. If you need a quick, cheap (but still stylish) option, try these origami boxes from Le Maison de Loulou.