Savvy Style: How To Save Money on Lighting

Lighting is one those things that really gives a room a finished look. How many times have you walked into a beautifully decorated room and then looked up to see a standard builder's grade light fixture? Obviously it does the job, which is the important thing but it's nice to think about lighting once you have all your other major pieces in place. Prices can really range when it comes to lighting. If you're just starting out, on a small budget, a renter, or just like to save money where you can, here are six suggestions for how to save on lighting without compromising style.

Most of the tips I have for you are to actually create affordable lighting, but these stylish energy saving lightbulbs (above) from Plenty of Colour both look great, especially hanging from colorful cords, and will save you money on your bill.

If you're into the mid-century modern look, recycle old lamps and give them a second life by getting a new simple and modern shade for them, like this collection spotted on Better Homes & Gardens. Try Replacement Shades online for shade options.

Time for a hack job. Find a simple and inexpensive light fixture and transform it into something special, like these white globes that Design Love Fest turned into beautiful ombre fixtures. What a show piece.

Consider adding a string of lights, which can be very affordable, rather than a single light fixture. This adds some interest, and you can have fun styling them. Check out this bedside sample spotted on Facing North with Gracia.

Time to D.I.Y. These projects vary in difficulty levels, but there's a bunch of D.I.Y tutorials out there to help you recreate your own version of a designer light fixture. Vintage Revivals shows you in detail how you can create this designer looking fixture for a fraction of the cost.

Lastly, this is a really simple suggestion, but consider switching your paraffin wax candles for soy candles. They burn cleaner and for much longer. This simple but stylish one from World Market burns for 65 hours.

(Image credits: Plenty of Colour; Better Homes & Gardens; Design Love Fest; Facing North with Gracia; Vintage Revivals; World Market)