Who knew it was possible to be so smitten with a compost bucket? We've fallen for these British enamel pails that proudly declare their purpose. Stamped with words and phrases ranging from the simple Compost to the delightful Worm Food and Peely Bin, we think they would look absolutely charming on a kitchen counter or doorstep.

1 Compost Bin, £16.95 (about $25) at Burgon & Ball

2 Worm Food Compost Bucket, £20 (about $30) at Jamie Oliver

3 Compost Bucket, £18 (about $26) at Garden Trading (other colors available)

4 Compost Bucket, £9.99 (about $15) at Country Checks

5 Peely Bin, £14.99 (about $22) at Lakeland

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