Saying Goodbye To A Home

Saying Goodbye To A Home

Beth Zeigler
Jan 20, 2009

012009home-01.jpgWe were reading on CNN today about how the Bush Family are having to say goodbye for a second time around this weekend as the nation gets ready for a new President. We also tend to get pretty sad when we move out of an old apartment (even if we didn't live there for an extended period). For most people, a home is like a member of the family--especially if the house is lived in generation after generation. Here's how we have coped when we have had to say goodbye to a home...

  • Schedule a time to take lots of pictures of the space (inside and outside) before you move--that way, when you're trying to remember if you actually have a picture of the nook in the hallway, you'll be covered.
  • Walk though the house with a video camera and create a commentary of memories as you walk through the space (essentially creating a "living scrapbook").
  • Carve your initials in a tree or in an inconspicuous place in the house. We can remember in 9th grade carving our initials on the side of a door frame. And then again in college we wrote our names in a sharpie on the top of our door where it's not visible (unless you're standing on a chair looking down).
  • Most shrubs and/or plants are transplantable. Simply uproot and plant at your new home to remind you of old times.
  • Try and make friends with the new owners so you can come back and visit.

AT readers--have you ever had to say goodbye to a childhood home (or a home that has special meaning to you)? How did you cope? Any tips to offer?

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