S.C. Johnson Paste Wax

S.C. Johnson Paste Wax

Regina Yunghans
May 30, 2007

Polish up lots of household surfaces with paste wax. The friendly old basic is S C Johnson Paste Wax, which comes in a yellow, 1-pound tin.

A small quantity of this will go a long way, so this 1-pound container should last forever (making the $6 price tag incredibly inexpensive).

The wax smells great, like wax - no synthetic lemony/citrus smell. It cleans while providing a hard, lustrous finish to wood, metal, plastics, cork, vinyl, and sealed leather. You use just a little paste and spread it over surfaces then buff, which takes a lot of work. But the outcome is worth it, with a depth of finish and a protective coat that lasts longer than anything out of a spray bottle.

This is the product that gave S.C. Johnson & Son its start. They originated as a parquet flooring company in 1886 and first developed their paste wax as a formula for caring for their floors.

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