(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Last night, we made our way to the Museum of Modern Art for the "Scandinavian Design Today" event. The evening was basically a showcase for Design House Stockholm, a company that we love for their innovative designs at reasonable prices.

Among the speakers was Design House Stockholm's founder, Anders Fardig, whose company currently works with 45 designers. We thought this was especially cool: Six times a year, they hold "Design Days" — which are a bit like casting calls for new products.

Fardig described today's Scandinavian design as "a combination of fantasy and function." As you can see from the photos after the jump, Design House Stockholm is achieving its goal of taking things that have been available and making them in a new way.

Many of the new products are not available through the museum's online store yet, but you can stop by and see/buy them in person at 131 Third Street in San Francisco. Locally, you can also find Design House Stockholm at Scandinavian Details, which has a great online shop.