Scavenger: 2 Steelmaster Desks for BO

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Apartment Therapy Classifieds are now open on the right. Only a few days old, lots-o room for sellers & buyers....

Homework, homework. There seems to be a run on desks today. We found these 2 Steelmaster desks from a fellow out in Queens who will sell them cheap if you take both at once. Even better, he also says "if you need any marble, stone, granite, mosaic tiles or Japanese stucco let me know." Huh? With the Steelmasters we also found this nice teacher's oak desk for those who like things a little warmer. (Thanks, Craig!) MGR

- Pair of mid-century modern nightstands for $225
- Huge Baroque gold framed mirror for $675
- Glass and iron coffee table for $125
- Contemporary ABC rug in cream and @ 6x8' for only $100
- Antique mahogany table that seats 10! for $600
- Nice brass swing arm lamp for $30
- Nice wood table set (3pcs) for $75
- Conran shelves on wheels reduced to $300
- Nice Danish coffee table for $175
Gently used baby furniture for bo
- Two upholstered living room chairs for $40
- Leather club chair for $595

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