Scavenger: Bulthaup Kitchen Workstation for $350

Scavenger: Bulthaup Kitchen Workstation for $350

Jeanine Brennan
Mar 23, 2009

We couldn't dream of affording Balthaup so this kitchen workstation from a seller in Hyde Park jumped out at us today. Here's a brand new Balthaup kitchen workstation display model for $350 that would otherwise go for $1500 new. We've never been impressed with those inexpensive kitchen chopping stations on cheap wheels that everyone seems to sell, so this one looks like a solid investment piece that would go well in any kitchen. We also found some vintage industrial canvas hampers (we posted about how much we love these here), a pair of Eames leg splints (inexpensive!), a useful metal and glass console table, and a vintage German leather sofa we're a little obsessed with. We've been mentally redoing its cushions with mismatched fabric and are terribly tempted ourselves about this one...

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  • Eames Leg splints for $70 and $90
  • Vintage Canvas Laundry Hampers for $50/ea
  • Modern German leather Sofa for $300
  • Oak 1800s Antique Dental Cabinet for $750
  • Harvey Probber Tall Thin Chest plus two drawers for $75
  • Library Card Catalogs for $250
  • Desk-sized Wooden Library Card Catalog for $50
  • Crate and Barrel Glass Console Table for $70
  • Industrial Wardrobe Racks (put your winter wardrobe away!) for $45
  • Crazy cool kidney-shaped wicker chair for $20
  • Pair of Antique bedside tables for $250
  • Hoosier-style kitchen cabinet (needs work but a steal!) for $100
  • Restoration Hardware Camelback Upholstered Sofa for $850
  • Shabby Chic Antique Martha Washington Pink Sewing Table for $200
  • West Elm Garden-Inspired Daybed for $200
  • Comfy Tufted-Velour Feminine Swivel Office Chair for $50
  • 1950's Herman Miller/George Nelson bureau side table set for $2,500

    Thanks, Craig!

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