Scavenger: Steel and Glass Amery Console for $150

Scavenger: Steel and Glass Amery Console for $150

Janel Laban
Mar 29, 2006

In River North, a simple, streamlined Room and Board console. This piece could work in an entryway, as a sideboard, or even as a desk where space is tight. The very clean lines keep it visually light and easy to work into a room. -Janel


  • Glass Coffee Table with wheels for $100
  • 5'x7' Area Rug for $50
  • Vintage Vanity for $400
  • Room and Board Desk for $600
  • Vintage Steelcase Furniture for $500
  • Balcony-sized bistro set for $50
  • Black Armoire with distressed finish for $300
  • C&B white bookshelves 2 for $80
  • Eames Wire Chair $50

    Thanks, Craig!

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