Vintage Finds: Science Lab Style

A very specific offshoot of the current vintage industrial trend is the use of vintage science lab supplies as decor - measuring devices, lab glassware and metal furnishings and lighting add just the right level of geeky style. If you like the look, you are in luck - here are 8 great finds that fit the style...

Shown above, top row, left to right:
1. Vintage Hand Painted Heart for $85 at Agent Gallery Chicago
2. 1940s Fernsig Explosion Proof Telephone for $275 at Agent Gallery Chicago
3. Vintage Industrial Mid Century Lamp for $56 at ethanollie
4. Vintage French Brass Scale for $125 at Agent Gallery Chicago
5. Vintage Lab Beakers for $10 at shavingkitsupplies

Bottom row, left to right:
6. Pair of Vintage Stools for $125 at hurstdesigns
7. 1940's Four Section Articulating Light for $245 at Agent Gallery Chicago
8. Vintage Measuring Device for $325 at Agent Gallery Chicago

Top Image: Guys Working in Research Lab Vintage Photograph for $1.50 at gwensvintage

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