Scientifically Soothing: 6 Successful Green Wall Paint Colors from House Tours

Scientifically Soothing: 6 Successful Green Wall Paint Colors from House Tours

Adrienne Breaux
Jan 18, 2014
(Image credit: Lindsey Kay Averill)

It's no news that green hues soothe and relax, particularly when used as wall paint, surrounding a room, its furnishings and its inhabitants in a calming color. But how do you keep from choosing the wrong green and making your space look lame? Easy: Choose greens that are a little bold and different, but still relaxing. Here are six successful paint color picks from house tours.

Top photo: A super soothing, almost-there shade of green, Sherwin Williams Tropical Dream, mingles expertly with plants, dramatic furnishings and brass accents in Liz and John's 1926 Sears Craftsman.

(Image credit: Ashley Poskin)
(Image credit: Ashley Poskin)

In Anne & Tahoe's Barnum Bungalow, BEHR Scotch Lassie is a bold but soothing hue, while BEHR Herbal Mist softly showers a bathroom in calm.

(Image credit: Nancy Mitchell)

Seema's Global Eclectic Rowhouse living room features a cheery greenish accent color sure to uplift the spirits: Benjamin Moore's Pale Avocado.

(Image credit: Liana Hayles Newton)

Mark's Delightful (and Delicious!) West Village bedroom has a green (Behr Premium Plus in Thyme Green) that packs a punch of excitement, but still manages to refresh and renew.

(Image credit: Marcia Prentice)

A green that seems warm and cozy in just about any light, Benjamin Moore's Oregano brightens up and relaxes a kid's room in Annah & Benny's Sophisticated Family Home.

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