Sciral Consistency: Productivity Tool

Sciral Consistency: Productivity Tool

Nov 20, 2007

Put your computer to work to help you get organized, beyond keeping your calendar, greening your email, and stopping snail-mail spam. Check out Sciral's Consistency program, downloaded program for Windows and Mac that helps you keep track of recurring but not deadline-sensitive info. Maybe we could even keep our plants alive with this program, despite our black thumb!

It's free to try and $25 to buy--and in our opinion, if you need help remembering things like this, well worth the small investment.

You can keep one for office, one for home, another for volunteer groups, etc. It also includes:

• Multiple target ranges on a single task
• "Inactive" ranges to disable color coding for tasks that don't require it
• Drag and drop tasks within a document to re-order them, or between documents
• Multiple levels of undo and redo
• Change the date on which recording a task begins
• Display a numerical countdown of how many days until a task is due (or the number of days past-due)
• Sort tasks by name, by due date, by priority, or by how consistently you're doing them

- Seen over on Lifehacker.

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