Sculpture for the Table:
Sophisticated Salt & Pepper Mills

Sculpture for the Table:
Sophisticated Salt & Pepper Mills

Kimber Watson
Jan 24, 2013

The salt and pepper grinders in my house are disposable plastic eyesores. Not a beautiful tabletop display, to say the least. But the majority of collections around the blogosphere seem to be made up of mostly shakers, not mills, so I gathered my personal favorites for salt and pepper mills that are guaranteed to be as striking as they are functional.

1. Pepper Mill and Salt Grinder White Oak Set, Teal and Gold, $165
2. Alessi Pépé Le Moko Salt Grinder and Pepper Mill by Jasper Morrison, All Modern, $74 & $78 each
3. Nick Munro Sphere Large Pepper Mill, Bloomingdales, $50 (can also be used for salt)
4. Bottle Grinder Set, Finnish Design Shop, 59.90 euros
5. Peugeot Saint Malo Salt & Pepper Mill Set, Chefs, $84.95

6. Perfex Pepper & Salt Mills, Sur La Table, $89.99
7. Vipp Salt & Pepper, Vipp, $189
8. William Bounds Bamboo Mushroom Mill, William Bounds, $36 each
9. Cole & Mason Wood Electric Salt & Pepper Mills, Williams Sonoma, $69.95
10. Alessi PZ01 BR Wood Pepper Salt Mill, All Modern, $185

(Images: As linked above.)

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