Authentic Japanese Ofuro Tub

Maxwell’s Daily Find 04.03.12

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Authentic Japanese Ofuro Tub

• from $5,280
Sea Otter Woodworks

These folks make amazing Ofuro tubs up in Alaska and ship them all over the USA. I got to see and feel these at the Arch Digest show this past month. They are deep, buttery smooth and give off a soft, citrus scent as the hinoki wood meets the water. They come in custom sizes and are able to be short and deep for use in smaller bathrooms (without skimping on luxury). This is a great source.

"Hinoki is the famous traditional wood used for the classic Japanese ofuro. Well known for it's citrus aroma, beautiful color, and strength. This tub is shipped fully assembled and ready to install. The tub exterior is protected with an oil and wax finish. Chrome toe tap drain is included."

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