Browse, Search & Buy by Location on Apartment Therapy Classifieds!

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Did you know that you can search our Classifieds by location? Yes, you can choose a location and find what's nearest to you and most convenient. Keep reading to learn how to explore what available nearby...

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Step 1: To get started, set your location (or many) and discover what's around you within a few blocks. Our Classifieds works best if you enter a specific street address, intersection or point of interest and then we can calculate the distance from you. Don't worry: your address will be kept private.

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Step 2: You can sort results by distance from your exact location (or by price, or most recent posts).

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Step 3: Use the handy-dandy radius slider to explore further. It's like magic!

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Step 4: Each listing contains information about the seller, including their location. Some individual sellers do keep their exact addresses private. If that's the case, just contact them to arrange the meeting place.

Are you ready to start shopping? Then head on over to our Classifieds and get searching...

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