Seasonal (Not Holiday) Decoration: The Perfect Pumpkin

I like to keep my seasonal decorations up for a while: I put sparkly winter garland up in early December, and don't take it down until February. This is part laziness, part thriftiness, and partly a love of looking at pretty things. If I'm going to the trouble to make or buy decorations, I want to live with them! This pretty, pretty pumpkin could keep me company all autumn long...

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Handcut by the talented Esther Ramirez of Essimar, the Blue Pumpkin is an ethereal beauty. I love autumn decorations that have just a hint of spookiness or otherness, without being in-your-face spooky. This piece feels like autumn and, yes, Halloween: morning fog, changing light, skeleton leaves, shadows and glows. I would hang it on the wall at the beginning of September, and gaze at it everyday until after Thanksgiving. Relaxing and efficient holiday decor!

Images: Essimar

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