Seat Belt Pillows

Seat Belt Pillows

Jackie Boucher
Jul 16, 2010

We thought we saw the end of car napping once our little guy graduated to his booster seat. He just doesn't seem to fall asleep as easily or comfortably without the 5-point seat belt holding him up. Not to mention that seeing what that seat belt does to his little neck when he does doze off, is enough to make me cringe all over.

Here are but a few ways to make that seat belt cozy enough to nap on.

Kalencom Seat Belt Snoozer Travel Car Pillow $15

Seat Belt Pillow by Ashley Petite $24

Cosysnooze seat belt pillow £7

Or DIY with this Seat Belt Travel Pillow Crochet Pattern by Jacqui J Crochet $3

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