Secondhand Style: 3 Home Office Pieces to Search for at the Thrift Store

Secondhand Style: 3 Home Office Pieces to Search for at the Thrift Store

Taryn Williford
May 1, 2013

Thrift shopping doesn't need to be a last resort. Just ask Macklemore. And you can find way more than a velour jumpsuit at your local resale spot. When you need some new gear to outfit your home office, head to the thrift store (or the online equivalent, Etsy) first to find a bargain on pieces with cool vintage style like this cute little Czechoslovakian rotary phone above...

If you don't know what to look for, here are three things that I think are actually better bought second-hand than brand new. 

Three to thrift:

A Desk
It's probably the focal point of your office area, so do you really want your desk to look just like everyone else's? The best way to guarantee a unique piece is to snatch a design from back in time. Plus, at the risk of sounding like your grandfather, "they really just don't make them like they used to". A well-preserved desk from yesteryear will often be better constructed than today's flat-pack pieces, and probably made from real wood instead of particle board.

Vintage Devices
Your laptop is going to be from this century, but everything else is fair game. Things like desk fans, task lamps, desk organizers, and telephones can be found cheaper and often better from a thrift shop...or an online resale site like Etsy. I love the red rotary phone pictured above from seller thelittlebiker. Come on, is there anything cooler than a rotary phone?

Accessories: The little knick-knacks that are tucked into drawers and displayed on shelves are the perfect extras to grab from the thrift store. You'll spend pennies outfitting your office with personality and style. My favorite things to look for? Books, artwork and small dishes. Use the dishes to organize small items like paperclips and pins on your desktop or inside drawers, like Kelly of Bringing Crafty Back did in her workspace. 

...And one you should always buy new:

A Task Chair
It's stained. It's torn. And it's been lovingly molded to somebody else's back end (gross). If you're going to be spending hours sitting down at a desk, do yourself a favor and get a new task chair with adjustable height, a deep seat and lumbar support. Or at least buy a used modern model and replace the parts!

(Images: thelittlebiker/Etsy, Bringing Crafty Back)

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