See My Artwork! Contest #4:Psymonetta's Gallery of Portraits

See My Artwork! Contest #4:Psymonetta's Gallery of Portraits

Jan 24, 2006

Name: Psymonetta
Location: Portland, Oregon
Link to other entries here

Artwork: Portraits
Purchased/Found: ebay, thrift stores
Price: $10-$80

Here's my modest collection of vintage portraits. The only artist of note is the 4th from the left, which is a pencil drawing by Peggy Reasoner, who is Abbot Thayer's grand-daughter. In left to right order, the artists are: Unknown, Chr. Pundsack, Vincent Duffy, Peggy Reasoner, Adam Karu (top, this is a portrait of myself and and ex-boyfriend) and unknown. The small photograph and mixed media peices on the shelf are both by unknown artists, as well.

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