Seeds Pillow by Judy Ross

Maxwell’s Daily Find 08.02.11

Seeds Pillow by Judy Ross

• $195
Judy Ross Textiles

So many people have inquired as to where we've found the bulk of our pillows - which are modern, colorful and lively - and I am long overdue for putting this Daily Find together (highlighted here in the video). The answer is JUDY ROSS, and the sources are numerous (Judy is the main one. You can find others below).

One of my favorites of all time is the Seeds Pillow (above right and looking like coffee beans. Also pictured - Fauna), and you can find it in different colorways, depending on the season that Judy is rolling out. Each pillow is "hand embroidered and hand-dyed in New Zealand wool, with a cotton canvas overlay backing and a 5/95 down/feather insert." Nice.

You can find more Judy Ross pillows at Pillows & Throws as well as 2Modern.