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Adventures and Outings 2009

Each year during "Escapes" month on Ohdeedoh, we ask you, our wonderful readers, to share your (hard-earned, but oh-so-worthwhile) wisdom on traveling with children. One of the highlights of family life is heading out to new locales, whether to visit grandparents, see a new city or hit the beach. But, we also know that it brings its own set of challenges, so to share the joys (fun holiday pics) and to spread the wealth of knowledge (tips and tricks), we kick off Adventures and Outings, 2009.

Here's what we need:

  • Your favorite photo of your child(ren)/family on your "escape"
  • The city and location the photo was taken in
  • Your favorite baby or child-friendly activity there
  • Your best tip or words of wisdom for traveling with kids
  • Your favorite way to make it feel like home
  • An item you MUST take with you when traveling

    The first 20 people to have their photo and tips posted on Ohdeedoh will receive either the official Apartment Therapy bib (Small is Cool!) or an Apartment Therapy t-shirt. Hope to hear from you soon!

    Image: Adventures and Outings: Ellie and Olivia in Small-Town Alaska

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